Continued economic development in the Town of Chino Valley depends on our stewardship of the area's natural water resources through careful planning, conservation, and development of alternative supplies

While regulations in the Prescott Active Management Area may seem confusing at first glance, the Water Resource Department works with developers to ensure that water is available to support economic growth in the Town of Chino Valley.

The following information presents an overview of some of the water issues related to development; however, developers are encouraged to contact the Water Resource Department early in the planning process to ensure water availability.

Development Documents

The following documents will help you determine the applicable water and sewer requirements for both residential developments and commercial developments:

Note that this information is not a comprehensive list of all requirements. Please contact the Town of Chino Valley Development Services Department for further information related to zoning, building permits and impact fees.

Additional Resources

You are also encouraged to consult with the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Arizona Department of Real Estate to determine whether your development is considered a subdivision under Title 32 of the Arizona Revised Statutes