Chino Valley Police Department


The mission of the Chino Valley Police Department is to protect the lives, property and constitutional rights of the citizens of Chino Valley through fair and impartial enforcement of the laws of the state.

Serving the citizens of Chino Valley is a privilege, not a right. The citizen is the most important person in our department; not an interruption of work, but the purpose of it. The department's successes are attributed to the high ethics, professionalism, integrity, courage, and efficiency displayed by our personnel.


The Police Department's mission is accomplished through effective management of department operations, staff, and numerous services and programs such as Traffic Safety, Regulatory Services, Investigative Services, and Response to Calls for Service, Homeland Security Initiatives and Budget Management.

Positive Impact

During these challenging times it is still important to highlight officers making a positive impact and connecting with the public as many officers do every single day without recognition.

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