Accident Reports

The Chino Valley Police Department has partnered with CARFAX/CRASHDOC to provide our accident reports online.  Interested parties:  citizens, insurance companies, investigators and others can purchase reports by going to

*  You will need Chino Valley Police Department's report number (DR#), date of accident, and valid credit card to access your report for a quick and easy download.  Please allow 3 business days for reports to be available.

*  Fatal Traffic accident reports will not be available online.  These reports must be requested by filling out a Records Request form.through the Chino Valley Police Department at 928-636-4223 ext 2.

Police Reports

The Police Records Department provides initial customer service to visitors of the police department and is responsible for the distribution of police reports.  They enter data from officer reports into a crime-reporting database, and they maintain the filing system for all written reports.

Requests for police records and reports will be handled promptly based on the nature and extent of the request.  If more than 3 days are required (from the date of the request) you will be notified.

Requirements: Report Number- DR# (e.g. 15c-99999) is needed to file a request.  If the report number is not known, the following is required:

*  Birth Date

*  Date of incident

*  Name of persons involved

*  Type of incident

Online Police Report Request Form