Building Inspectors Available in the Office 7-8am and 4-5pm - M/Th

The goal of the Building Division is to make your experience with the Town the most effective and convenient way to obtain a building permit. We assist you throughout your project and to a successful completion. To serve you better the Town recently began "on-line" permitting through CitizenServe. Click on the circle logo below and go directly to the "On-Line Portal" then select "Permitting" to begin the building permit application process.

ATTENTION: All plans are required to meet the following codes:

2018 IBC 
2018 IPC 
2018 IRC 
2017 NEC 
2018 IFGC 
2012 IECC 
2018 IMC 


In addition to the above codes, the following criteria must be met for all building permits:
Wind Speed: 115 mph - 3 second wind gust - Exposure C
 Roof Snow Load: 30# Non-Reducible Snow Load
 Ground Snow Load: 43# Ground Snow Load
 Seismic Zone: C
 Frost Depth: 18"

If you would like to schedule a specific time for an inspection, you will need to call our office the morning of your inspection, between 7-8am and talk with the building department.


CitizenServe Logo

Citizenserve Instructions

1(855) 855-8919

There are 2 ways to schedule your inspections, by texting:

  1. Enter your permit number:  No dashes 
  2. Enter your Inspection Code:     3-digit number.
  3. Enter the day you need your inspection:          mmddyy
  4. SEND

By calling (voice activated):

  1. Choose:          1 = Schedule inspection   2 = Cancel an existing inspection
  2. Permit Type:  1= Residential                     2 = Commercial
  3. Enter your permit number:  No dashes (numbers will not be available until July 11, 2022)
  4. Enter your Inspection Code:     3-digit number.
  5. Enter the day you need your inspection:          mmddyy
  6. Confirm your request - Yes or No