Geographic Information System

Geographic information system (GIS) technology within the Town of Chino Valley is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating and displaying referenced information. The GIS division uses ArcView for resource management and development planning.

The GIS division provides mapping products to each town department. Zoning and parcel maps are available to the public for a fee. Town maps are available on the web.

Responsibilities & Services

GIS is responsible for managing street names and assigning address numbers to all buildings in the Town of Chino Valley. GIS also reassigns addresses that are found to be incorrect.

GIS Mapping Applications

Yavapai County GIS offers a interactive mapping service.  You may create and print maps tailored to your needs.  There are many features in the Yavapai County system including search for parcel numbers, owner, subdivision, aerial photo imagery, and much more.

Chino Zoning Map Icon    Town of Chino Valley Zoning Map Application 

PDF  Town of Chino Valley Zoning Map Printable PDF