The Verde River

While environmental groups and downstream surface water right holders in the Verde River Basin have expressed concern over plans by municipalities to pump groundwater from the Big Chino sub-basin, the Town of Chino Valley is committed to a sustainable approach to managing its limited water resources.
The Verde River cuts through to Arizona country side
With this in mind, the Town has agreed to utilize all imported groundwater for interior purposes only; therefore, no groundwater will be used for consumptive exterior uses. This will allow for maximum effluent capture for recharge back into the Big Chino aquifers. The Town is also working to develop a comprehensive monitoring plan to ensure that the Verde River continues to flow freely for generations to come.

The Town is also working to develop regional answers to questions raised by importation plans. The Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition (UVRWPC) was created with a two-fold purpose: protecting the base flow of the Upper Verde River and achieving safe-yield in the Prescott Active Management Area. The Town will continue to work with the Coalition and other regional groups to develop water supply plans that protect the environmental and economic future of this special place.