Ensuring Water Quality

Our high-tech waste water treatment plant uses a series of advanced membrane filters plus ultra violet disinfection to produce high quality Class A+ effluent. While not potable, this top class effluent has nitrogen levels below the drinking water standard.

Basin Infiltration Benefits
In addition to our waste water treatment processes, basin infiltration allows for additional treatment through natural microbial and geochemical processes in the subsurface. Thus, aquifer recharge with this reclaimed water will not pose a groundwater contamination risk.

Monitoring Quality

While there is little risk of groundwater contamination due to aquifer recharge in Chino Valley, the town monitors groundwater quality in the area to ensure that our artificial recharge facility does not impair the quality of the groundwater in the Little Chino aquifers.

Aquifer recharge is 1 of several tools the Town of Chino Valley Water Resource Department utilizes to help protect the groundwater resources of the area. Increasing aquifer recharge will be critical to helping the Prescott Active Management Area achieve its safe yield goal.

Additional Information
Please view the Waste Water Treatment Sheet (PDF) to see a process diagram of our waste water treatment and aquifer recharge facilities. Also the International Association of Hydrologists website has helpful information in regards to water quality.