Sign Code Update

The Town of Chino Valley is embarking upon a Sign Code Update. There are many factors that have influenced the decision to make changes to the current Sign Code, which is codified in the Unified Development Ordinance, Chapter 4.21. These changes will likely affect you in the future, especially if you are a business owner. For the average citizen in Chino Valley, these changes may go unnoticed, however, if you get involved, you will have a voice in these changes! The basics are as follows:


Sign Ordinance Update


A number of reasons, such as;

1. To comply with provisions of Reed v. Town of Gilbert Supreme Court Case (link to SCOTUS blog summary here).

2. Our Sign Code is confusing to many who try to use it.

3. An ordinance passed in 2014, which allowed for the placement of temporary banners for up to 1 year, has recently expired, which has prompted changes to permitting.

4. To enhance visibility for businesses on and off of the State Route 89 corridor.


You! You can be involved by applying to be on the Sign Code Advisory Group, which will meet monthly until the Sign Code update is adopted by Town Council. Express your interest by emailing James Gardner, Planner, at or calling the Development Services Department at 928-636-4427 and asking for James Gardner.


This process is ongoing, and will likely conclude in either July or August 2016. Sign Code Advisory Group meetings will be held once monthly, dates and times will be emailed to those who have expressed interest.


You can participate in the process by contacting James Gardner, either by phone or by email, by mailing comments to Development Services, 1982 Voss Dr., Chino Valley, Arizona, 86323, or by taking our survey, which is posted here.

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