Campaign/Political Committees

Candidates who receive or expend, in any combination, $1,100 or more must register as a candidate committee and account for all monies or things of value received and expended by them, their campaign committee or individuals on behalf of a person's candidacy for public office.

Political Action Committees (PACs).  There is a two-part test to determine whether an entity is required to register as a PAC. An entity must register if both of the following apply:

  1. The entity is organized for the primary purpose of influencing the result of an election; and
  2. The entity knowingly receives contributions or makes expenditures, in any combination, of at least $1,100 in connection with any election during a calendar year.

Contribution/Expenditure Example.  If a candidate or PAC receives $600 and spends $500; or if the candidate or PAC receive $1,100 before making expenditures, the total amount is $1,100 and the candidate or PAC is required to register as a committee within 10 days.

Campaign/Political Committee Finance Report Forms

Important Dates

  • For the reporting periods and dates to file your Reports, click on the Campaign Finance Report Forms above.
  • Political signage may be posted 60 days before the applicable election.