Building/Code Enforcement

The Building and Code Enforcement Division of Development Services is committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible. In Building it is our goal to make your experience with the town pleasant and help you to find the most effective and convenient way to attain a building permit and then assist you throughout your project and help you to a successful completion. To serve you better the town recently began "on-line" permitting through citizenserve. You may click on the link and go directly to the "Citizens Access Portal" (CAP) then select "permitting" to begin the building permit application process.

Code Enforcement is responsible for ensuring public safety. Our goal is to see the town in compliance with the many different state, federal, and local codes and ordinances, including the "Unified Development Ordinance" (UDO) and the Town of Chino Valley "Code of Ordinances."  All regulations adopted by the Town of Chino Valley are intended to promote health and safety and to protect the community. Enforcement is driven both by complaints and proactive measure and cases are addressed on a "first come first serve"
basis. By selecting the link to citizenserve you may file a Code Enforcement complaint or track the progress of a current complaint being investigated through the Citizens Access Portal (CAP).

Additional Information

If you have a Code Enforcement complaint you wish to file you may use the Code Enforcement Complaint Form (fill-able form) and submit by email.  Note: The most effective way to submit a complaint is through the "Citizens Access Portal" (CAP) at citizenserve. If you have any further questions please call the Building/Code Enforcement Division of Development Services at (928) 636-4427 or contact us by email at



  • Building Permit Application: citizenserve - "Citizens Access Portal" (C.A.P.) 
  • Code Enforcement Complaint Form: citizenserve - "Citizens Access Portal" (C.A.P.)
ALL Building Inspection Requests must be scheduled by calling or texting the Town’s Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) Inspection Request Line at 1-855-855-8919

Welcome to the Chino Valley Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Inspection Request System. ALL INSPECTION REQUESTS must be scheduled by calling or texting 1 855-855-8919. This system supports text messaging. For texting your requests, instructions are available by texting your e-mail address to 18558558919.

To use the touch tone system with your phone you will need your Building Permit Number. Permit numbers are entered first by letters then numbers including all zeros. Do not include dashes or any other characters. For example RB16-00111145 would be entered as follows; 72 (Numeric for RB) and when prompted the entire permit number is entered; 1600111145. A date is required in MM/DD/YY format; April 15, 2016 is entered 041516. A three (3) digit inspection code is required. Again, include all zeros. You will be prompted to request AM by entering the number1 and PM by entering 2. If the request is accepted you will receive confirmation at the end of the recording.

Texting ? or HELP at any time will respond with a message with the inspection request format. STOP instructions: Submitting a text will result in a reply. All texts are self initiated. If you do not want to receive a text, do not send a text.

The IVR Inspection Code List will be printed on all Building Permits Issued.  You may also access the IVR codes on and the Town of Chino Valley website.

We appreciate your cooperation in the transitions being made. All the new forms, applications, submittal requirements, processes and procedures will be an adjustment. So again, we thank you. The purpose of the new processes to improve customer service and to simplify all our services while improving records retention and parcel information accuracy.